Background: Mountain girl, artsy-ish, nomad

Combat style: silent scout/Ninja, unless there is a chainsaw

Tasks: level design, story, business, etc.

Holler at nataliya[at]zerobyte[dot]com




Background: nerd, night owl, ferret whisperer

Combat style: warrior/tank/scared of spiders

Tasks: code, game design, etc.

Holler at philip[at]zerobyte[dot]com


we are studio
We are brand new, indie, adventurous, enthusiast and joyfully dedicated to creating high quality video games. Our small, but ferocious team is proud to present its first saga - DEAD YEARS. A very important part of the team - the two office ferrets! They love to run around, sleep on keyboards, and are secretly inspiring us on survival and battle skills! Say hi on contact[at]deadyears[dot]com

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