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POLYGON : {no need of a quote, we were on Polygon!!}

Girls on Games: "This open world survival action game caught my eye the moment I realized it reminded me of Fallout 3"

The Battle Herald: "An impressive open world with a very compelling story, a very well developed skill system for you and your dog companion too."

L'Épée Légendaire: "Ils se sont lancés corps et âme dans l’aventure indépendante [...]"

SurvivalGaming: "Dead Years is still in very early development but looks promising."

Game Freezer: "We Fell In Love With The Style Of This Game Immediately."

Indie Statik: "There’s something about Dead Years that looks entertaining and intriguing."

Indie Game Enthusiast: "The more I learn about Dead Years, the more intrigued and excited I become."

The Gaming Ground: "A hardcore zombie survival game"

Indie Alt Repeat: "[...] enough interesting elements to make it stand out against dozens of similar examples."

Death By Beta: "Dead Years will pit you and your canine companion against both the elements and zombies[...]"

Indie Mag: "Dead Years, Zombies, Dog & Crafting" (Translated from French)

CliQist: "A Fresh Take on Rotting Flesh in Dead Years"

KSalue: "Dead Years is a beautiful open world zombie survival Role-Playing Game[...]"

SegmentNext: "[...]Dead Years also has a rather distinct visual style[...]"

Chronicle: "Dead Years is a survival RPG with close-to-reality experience, fast-paced battles and epic adventures" (Translated from Bulgarian)

Pretty Geek Players:"It looks amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!"

Game Skinny:"[...]is a nice summer breeze in this clichéd zombie apocalypse game ridden wasteland"


CliffHangerLP [January 25, 2015]

North Storm [April 14, 2014]



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